Duyan / Hammock

Poetry by | November 23, 2008

Naghigot ko ug duyan
para sa imuha
wala ka misakay
hadluk ka mahulog
kung mutabyog ni ug kusog.
Pero nakita nako
nisakay ka sa duyan
na gihigot niya.

I set up a hammock
for you
but you did not use it
you were afraid to fall
if it swung hard.
But I saw you
riding the hammock
that he tied for you.

Jolah Barredo is a graduate of the BA English – Creative Writing program of UP Mindanao.

One thought on “Duyan / Hammock”

  1. well, scouting time is over!!

    im sorry!!

    i don’t know if my mind failed to a apprehend your poem, or it was just that i don’t want to.. mahadlok ko!!! joke!!!

    well, just tie the “duyan”, who knows? patience always has its virtue..

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