Box-Like World

Poetry by | October 12, 2008

Art by Rick Villafuerte

I’m in a box-like world:

the classroom door,
the white board,
the desks
are all rectangular.

Maybe my heart is also rectangular,
hurting somebody with its four edges.

My notebook,
my ID,
my classmates’ bags
are all rectangular.

But the watch that my teacher wears
Is a circle!

Time always makes circles.
It does not stay at the edges
of my rectangular life.

So I go round and round in circles
In this box-like world.

Kang Kyunhee (Cecilia) is a Korean student on her fourth year BSEd-English at the Ateneo de Davao University.

Art by Rick Villafuerte.

2 thoughts on “Box-Like World”

  1. oh my god this is the best poem ive ever read in 2 years!
    im so glad i found this poem I want to share this with my classmates will that be okay?
    wait, is the writer of this poem Filipino? coz the name doesn’t sound like a Filipino’s name.
    My school is sunshine High school in US.
    is there any way that i could contact the author?

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Christine. The author is a Korean studying in Davao, Philippines.

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