Poetry by | July 6, 2008

Here is the truth of all truths;
love is a stone on the road
where vultures circle
with a lone cactus on the side.


Love is boring.

Kisses become dull
caresses become tiresome
whispers simply become rasping breaths
and shoulders become solid rock.

Love is boring;

except for those who share
the passionate kisses
and the loving caresses
and the misty whispers of sweet nothings
and the security the shoulder offers.

It is, to those who share,
an unending process
of complexities
cascading into a rainbow
waterfalls of
seemingly silent

In the end,
it becomes the expressions
of one’s soul
that no one listens to;
simply because

love is boring.

One thought on “Reality”

  1. I love this work! But I wonder, is this based on personal experience or a fantasy?

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