Pahulay sa Kalinaw

Poetry by | May 4, 2008

Bong! Bong!
Ah! Singgit
Sa daklit
Inahang Yuta, tindog, ipataas ang imong agtang
Ang danguyngoy hunonga ug ang mga luha
Pahiri kay ania kami nagkausa, makigharong,
Makig-asdang. Ang kinabuhi among ihalad
Ang kadaogan ta laomi.
Pahulay na
Sa kalinaw,
Inahang yuta
Mga maisog
Nga tabunon
Sa kadaogan
Sa mahumot
Tang kabulakan
Kaanindot nga
Inahan tang yuta nagatukaw
Isinggit namo sa kalibotan
Mabuhi! Yutang natawhan!
Pahulay na sa kalinaw.
Pahinungod sa mga Maisog nga Tabunon nga
Napukan sa dungganang kamatayon.

Sgt. Guillermo J. Dagohoy, 17th Station Hospital (PA),
Talomo, Davao City
Bisaya Magasin, Nobiyembre 6, 1946.

4 thoughts on “Pahulay sa Kalinaw”

  1. Now that I’ve read this poem, it is eerie, not to mention uncanny, that the tone of Pahulay Sa Kalinaw is reverse specular (sorry, can’t resist the big word) to the tribute poem of sorts (Kalinaw Sa Kinilaw) that I wrote after only having read the title. It is rather facetious, but when I got the urge to write Kalinaw Sa Kinilaw about half an hour ago and immediately posted it on my blog (, only then did I click open the text of Pahulay Sa Kalinaw, and was struck by the defiant tone of Guillermo Dagohoy’s poem and the reverse mirror image of Kalinaw Sa Kinilaw. Where Pahulay is proud and resistant, Kinilaw is passive and relenting. Well, the former is certainly serious in tone and the persona almost humorless, in contrast to the flippancy of the latter. As I said — reverse specular. That in itself, dare I claim, sheer poetry. P.S. Thank you for your email, Charisse Christine Dagohoy. P.P.S. You should be proud of your granddad.

  2. NOTE TO ADMINISTRATOR: Could I make a minor editing on one sentence? Please. “That in itself, dare I claim, (PLEASE INSERT THIS WORD — is — HERE) sheer poetry.”

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