The Orphanage Monologue

Poetry by | April 20, 2008

What is home?
A child asked
as the sun sunk lower
into nothingness.
Is it just a place
where you can find
comfort, even with
too much rain or sunshine?
Home cannot just be found.
A shelter, yes, everyone can find.
But home is a place
Where you can find comfort,
Even if it doesn’t seem so inside.

But everyone has a home, right?
Everybody has his own place.
Yet sometimes,
It is not a home.
Home is like finding
a comfortable jacket;
Once worn,
you feel as if nobody
can hurt you
or shove you around,
even if that jacket is already
frayed, or torn.

If home is a very special place–
Why does everybody fly away
from it from time to time?
Home really doesn’t have to be
seen or touched.
Once it is found,
It lives inside your heart;
even if you fly away,
you know:
you have found home.

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