Poetry by | February 3, 2008

they shun him just because
his hair is golden like the sun
skin painted with bright hues
like the sky scent reminiscent
of the earth’s elements
they close their ears on his songs
the silent and sad sea melodies
his music a sound of the breeze
sweeping through deaf streets
each drumbeat a heavy knock
on a door swiftly shut behind him
but they look at him in amusement
when he dives from a bridge
higher than his dreams
into the depths of the sea
deeper than his longings
all for a single peso he’s not given
a chance to earn on his own
he knows nothing about drowning
he’ll keep on floating
he’ll keep on diving
he’ll keep on singing
he’ll keep on dancing
he’ll keep on dreaming
he’s everywhere like the wind
he’s a child of the sea
they can’t obliterate his race

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