Maharlika 23

Fiction by | October 28, 2007

Excerpt from the author’s ongoing scifi epic narrative Maharlika 23.

In a parallel dimension, the eon Sun glistens over Maharlika City, a strategic metropolis in a continent of planet Erthe. It is another morning in the year 2276 for its 3 million inhabitants, considerably among the largest urban areas by 23rd century Erthean standards. The city is an eclectic profusion of newly evolved Ertheans aggrupating from the various continents of the planet, and of interstellar representatives as well. With other metropolises, it is a pilot area for the immersion phase program of Erthe Federation and the Confederacy of Interstellar Citizens (CIC). The city is a virtual melting pot of intergalactic cultures with 4th Dimensional and 5D-evolving SUPERbeings.

Grand Old Man, intimately referred by the local inhabitants to a nearby volcanic mountain, is a silent witness to the growth of the populace. Rising from the terrain ranges of the city’s backdrop, the forests below its revered peaks reflect the early morning sprinkles as they slowly roll down the landscape and into the gulf boundaries of the sea. The evergreen blanket surrounding the city, its profusion of flora and fauna with remarkable species once dubbed endangered yet reviving to a healthy population, attests to the success of a conservation program implemented by Erthean ancestors centuries ago and had since survived even after the Great Upheaval (GU).

Nesting above a large stately tree, a certain eagle awakens with the knock of sunlight. Readying the magnificent spread of his wings, he soars above the verdant canopy and dodges over magnificent towers. The eagle inspects his vast territory, which includes, to the amusement of Maharlikan residents, the city suburbs. Researchers concluded that from his otherwise wild nature, the genetic makeup recorded his lineage to an ancestor that was once reared by an early conservation institution more than 200 years ago. The ancestor’s attachment to her human caretakers may have its effect on the species’ evolutionary process and have considerably manifested the characteristics to her offspring, resulting in, as the inhabitants fondly called it, a more “civilized” behavior.

Local inhabitants responded by providing the adopted eagle with strategic feeding sites above their towering habitations. The diet is composed of high protein vegetable mixture prepared from hydroponics farms, organically synthesized with the taste and texture of real meat. The inhabitants officially named their eagle as Kinabukasan, meaning “Future.”

Consistent with a city ordinance requiring its inhabitants to eventually adopt the vegetarian diet, it also responds to postGU ecological condition and synchronicity of interstellar cultures especially sensitive to bioplasmic emission quality. The 2nd phase of the Confederacy program, after the initial completion of the first phase with the revitalization of endemic Erthean ecosystem, immerses the newly evolved Erthean species to the Cultural Complex of 4D and 5D-evolving citizens of the Confederacy with gravitational interaction belonging to the Milky Cluster. The populace is no longer distinguished by geographic nationality, and is now unified with Interstellar Confederacy classification as “Erthe Citizens.”

Erthe Citizens of Maharlika City live and work in high-density vertical structures that the locals dub as megatowers. Rising to an average of 200 storeys, these massive wonders of metal, glass, and durable lightweight polymers shimmer with the reflection of early morning. High-density vertical developments enable the city to allocate downtown horizontal levels for verdant parks and reforestation development. Considerable populations also live within the multilevel subterranean chambers below the city parks and forest reserves with well-regulated climatic, illumination, and acoustical conditioning. Low-rise suburbs furthermore dot the well-forested vicinity; its primary residents being scientists, artists, hydroponics farmers, and gardeners among others, with major institutions along the neighborhood.

Practically responding to the radical requirements of Erthe Federation, the efficient use of land resource is implemented with the revitalization of the once limited natural environment decimated in the aftermath of the Great Upheaval. By the later century afterwards, forests, parks, and nature conservation areas are considered extremely valuable for both tangible and intangible benefits, and secular real estate developments adjust to match the assessment of its value.

In collaboration with Erthe Federation and CIC, the latter consistent with its program of providing mutual technology transfer to sufficiently evolved interstellar civilizations, new Erthean society experiences rapid advancement in modular building innovation and interstellar standard technology. PostGU Erthean lifestyle is adequately supported with advanced utilitarian and energy source systems, implemented with comprehensive recycling methods and highly efficient energy generating technology upgraded to subatomic source levels from prolific supplies. Consistent with strict environmental standards, energy demands are met by clean solar power, fuel cells from water, magnetic propulsion, and ionic charges from the atmosphere. The proficient use of energy sources have revolutionized the industries such that its power generating technology is often dubbed as “Free Energy,” resulting in a benevolent socio-economic structure.

Transportation systems are operated with efficient traffic controls in the subterranean, terrain, and air lane levels. Subterranean maglev railways clawing through strategic tunnel terminals extensively service the passengers. Mobile horizontal platforms dubbed as sidewalkers service pedestrian traffic at terrain level, its environs amply surrounded with tree-lined avenues and large verdant parks, with the immense megatowers soaring behind them. Above the scenery, spacedrive vehicles hovering at traffic level 3 levitate by magnetic propulsion and atmospheric ion manipulation, and traverse on extensive hoverways of invisible grid systems with range beacons transmitted by strategic transceivers to vehicle consoles for regulation of multilevel traffic flow. Erthe Federation equips its facilities with teleportal chambers for lightspeed travel among constituents. For interstellar travel, wormhole manipulation with the space-time fabric is the norm.

Robotics is an indispensable necessity with extensive functions ranging from industrial endeavors to domestic efficiency. Highly durable equipment, such as household utilitarian implements, are designed to amiably “talk” with its users, literally redefining the term “user-friendly.” Higher ST (Sentient Technology) robotics that imbue “conscious” disposition, otherwise categorized as 4D technology, have various functions. Sometimes an anthropomorphic robot may serve as household help or an escort “friend.” Permeated with Faster-than-Light Imbued Crystalline Kinetics (FLICK), these cordial companions form a versatile part of the new Erthean civilization and are instilled with sentient perception that mirror its environment, hence also serving as vital data source for determining social condition status.

Interstellar communication is achieved beyond conventional light speed measurement and is revolutionized by Stellar-Planetary Enhanced Encoding Data Transfer (SPEEDTRA), wherein data-imbued dimensional photons in interstellar contact are transmitted via stellar and planetary core vortices that permeate like macrocosmic transmitters on the enormous galactic screen. The possibility of teleportal travel via these vortices is also extensively researched by the Confederacy, pooling with it the technological expertise of major interstellar civilizations.

Every Erthean citizen of legal age is also issued a GIZMO (Gadget Intensive Zany Multi-functioning Object). The egg-sized device serves a wide range of functions, from virtual PC and television projector to utility laser knife attachment. It is personalized by reading its user’s genetic datum.

The use of monetary currency is nonexistent, for the Federation addresses all the basic utilitarian requirements of every individual. A sophisticated barter system merits individualized endeavors, such as handicraft works or talent performances; with transaction records encoded via virtual monitor equipped within the personalized GIZMO, which also acts like a “wallet.” The merits may be accumulated by points and used for “luxury” issues such as interplanetary tour tickets, a spacedrive vehicle, holistic massage (with emphasis at dissipating negative prana resulting from such transactions), or a robotic pet.

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