Fire Eyes

Poetry by | August 18, 2019

Those eyes of fire are gone now.
They crumpled like flowers
in the afternoon sun
And turned cold and heavy
with hollowness
Those eyes, once the home of the stars,
are now orphaned by the light.
Gone are their glitters of inspiration
and their sparks of triumph.
Those eyes are now the moon
In the absence of the sun.

Rhealyn Callao Pojas is a Mindanao-born journalist that is now based in the Republic of Palau. Writing poetry is her freedom from the prisons of facts.

You’re not as you looked like

Poetry by | May 13, 2018

You’re not as you looked like
You’re a gentle mountain
who turns out to be a sleeping volcano
A wolf with a sheep coat
A tip of an iceberg.

You can slaughter with your silence
And feign comfort when you speak
Your smile is daunting
Your frown as haunting

Tell me then
“Why can’t you be as you be?”
Your friendship, sure, is a stranger
Your anonymity is a friend.

Rhealyn Callao Pojas is a professional Filipino journalist who started her career in 2015 right after completing her degree in AB Communication Studies major in Journalism at the Mindanao State University – Main Campus. She worked as a reporter, and eventually an editor at a community newspaper in Davao City, Philippines for two years and has then decided to experience journalism in the island country of Palau.