Poetry by | February 13, 2016

Between earth and sky,
I am a small child.
I cannot reach the skies.
I see clouds of cotton candy,
crispy snacks, stuff toys
and bags of candies
hanging near the ceiling
which I try to grab,
along with other children.
It is a silly game of catch:
everytime the frame is lowered
a little above our heads
only to be lifted again
while we dance around in circles.
I push myself to heights,
but the things I want
are taken by other hands.
(The cord puller should give in
to my demands!)
I wish father is here to carry me
in his strong arms, to a height
where I could simply reach
for the things left
in the wooden lattice-framed ceiling.
If I can’t get
a single snack, stuff toy
or cotton candy
I would leave
to where I am free to eat
the ripe fruits I can reach
from my favorite guava tree.

Luisa Pasilan is finishing her thesis, a collection of poems, to complete a BA English (Creative Writing) at UP Mindanao.