Family Business

Fiction by | October 21, 2012

August 18, 1992. Saturday. 12 noon. Matt was still in his office preparing papers for an upcoming conference. Despite the lunch hour, Matt was still hard at work… as always.

Ever since he moved out of his father’s house, Matt has always been preoccupied with business. He believed that in order to grow as a person, he had to learn to provide for himself. He needed to secure a high degree of respect and position in his chosen profession. And to earn such status, he had to work diligently all the time, every time.

This did not please his family. Matt’s family believed that relationships matter more than work. For how many years, this had been the major issue in their family. His father always warned him to change his perspective or it will affect him negatively in the future. Matt’s younger siblings also disapproved of his way of thinking. In the end, there was just too many arguments and misunderstandings, which finally culminated in Matt becoming estranged from his family.

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