The Troll in the Woods

Poetry by | April 14, 2019

(In collaboration with Hannah Green)

We felt a milder breeze upon our stroll
Although a hatred looms inside the space.
Which made us look around the spooky place.
The face which made us shout looked like a troll.
Whose facial hair is longer than them all.
Its body big just like a large suit case.
Its width is wider than the city’s space.
we felt like we were pinned against a wall
It made my heart quiver just like a lamb.
It made me think of what my fate would be.
This was a close call between death and life.
Its mouth opened and swallowed up a man.
I’m happy that it didn’t follow me.
But If it did, I would have used my knife.

David Paolo Brigole graduated at the University of Winnepeg with a BA English degree. He grew up and studied in Davao City during his primary years. His passion for poetry stemmed from when he used to play with words as a toddler. He is also passionate about drawing bizarre and beautiful objects and loves to indulge in gastrointestinal delights.

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