Road Trip

Poetry by | August 20, 2016

We are on a road trip
riding a two-wheeler vehicle
for this way it’s cheaper
both labor and fuel
relying on concentration and skill
we hide in our helmets

We are on a road trip
dealing with all types of road
from flat to steep, rough to smooth
adjusting speed to its surface
relying on strength
we stop for breaks

We are on a road trip
breathing dust, smoke and uncertainty
taking caution over blind curves
careful over overspeeding
estimating when to overtake
we’re close to death

We are on a road trip
we don’t know if we’re halfway there
or where we really are heading
we just hope we’ll find a shed
where we can rest our vehicle
rest our hearts
and abandon our helmets.

Abi Andoy graduated from the Ateneo de Davao University last March 2015. She is currently on a road trip called the adult life. She’s a proud Surigaonon.

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