This is Not a Love Poem

Poetry by | March 17, 2013

This is not a love poem.
This is a poem
for the paracetamols you gave me
in Misamis when I was sick,
for the smiles you’ve shown me
at the Jacinto office when I was weak,
for the efforts of cheering me up
while I was making my impossible thesis,
and for that long warm embrace
that I will miss.

This is a poem
for the days of story telling
about yourself and the people you cherish,
for the sleepless nights
where we shared bitter secrets,
and for the demanding weeks
where we studied and wrote articles.

This is a poem
for the short simple kind words
you’ve sent me over the phone,
for the exchange of irritating
yet funny online tweets
every midnight,
and for the old-fashioned pet names
we call each other.

This is a poem
for the awkward moments,
for last night’s silence in the car
as we passed Matina Crossing,
for the dry seasons spent
at the McDonald’s.

This is a poem
for the memories
which have taught me
to keep myself safe,
away from the troubles
of friendship’s weakness.

this is not a love poem.

Reymond Pepito is a Social Media Strategist at Hijo Resources Corp. He was a fellow of the 2010 Davao Writers Workshop.

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