Editor's Note on "Jonathan"

Editor's Note by | January 17, 2010

In the June 28, 2009 issue, a short story titled “Jonathan” by Jeff Javier was published in DAGMAY by editor Vanessa Doctor. Then on Dec. 13, 2009, I also published a slightly different version of “Jonathan” but credited to Laverne de la Cruz. I asked the two authors for clarification but only Mr. Javier replied.

It is now clear to me that

(1) the story “Jonathan” is authored by Mr. Javier;

(2) the June 9 version is the second version while the Dec. 13 version was the first draft, as explained by Mr. Javier;

(3) the story is a “spinoff” from “Christine” by Lilledeshan Bose (which begins, “Everybody has a girlfriend named Christine. Kris, Christy, Tin-Tin/ Ina Christina, Tina, Kat, Trina.”) which is the second part of her “Break-Up Stories”;

(4) Mr. Javier had sent me almost a year ago the first version together with a poem written “after Laverne de la Cruz”; and

(5) somehow in my previous shuffling of pieces while doing editorial work for DAGMAY, the byline of Ms. de la Cruz got appended to that “Jonathan” version in my file that I inadvertently published in December last year as a work by Laverne de la Cruz.

No wonder she has not replied to my email—there was no need to reply. The error was wholly mine and it was unintended and not meant to malign the reputations of Mr. Javier and Ms. de la Cruz. My apologies therefore to Jeff and Laverne for the mistake. Ricardo de Ungria

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