My Purple Umbrella

Poetry by | March 15, 2009

Who says my purple umbrella’s cheap?

Well, it may be the Captain,
or that guy who’s got rigid legs,
or the lady who thinks otherwise
as everyone did.

It may be the Operator,
or that little kid who knows math,
or the old man who takes his wife
for an alley cat.

Who says my purple umbrella’s cheap?

Maybe it’s the Headmistress,
or the assistant who fakes serious glances,
or the lottery bettor who wouldn’t
take any chances.

You may say it’s Uncle,
or his wife who thinks he’s so cool,
or these forced rhymes fastened
by a belt buckle.

who cares anyway?

Who says my purple umbrella’s cheap?
Well, it doesn’t matter; it doesn’t.
As long as I’ve a portable shade
and get wet I wouldn’t.

Rory says: I am a nice person who wants to get rich. I am also a teacher.

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