A Modern Rapunzel

Poetry by | December 21, 2008

I admit: I did it
not the witch.
I hate my suitor,
Who still lives in middle ages.
He doesn’t own a cellphone,
doesn’t know what a car is,
and doesn’t have an inkling
how to court a woman like me.
Everyday he rides on his horse
from his faraway palace up to my fortress
just to utter words of the same idea
all over again.
He wails out my name outside,
as if Witch Neighbor won’t hear him,
(I’ll be in trouble for that)
and commands me to let down my hair
so he can climb up with it.
I’ve been suffering
from hair dryness and hair fall
for weeks already;
because, for the Kingsake,
he is ignorant of how
to use my secret elevator!
He cares for me not, I know,
for he keeps on looking at my breasts
saying, “I love to see thy
heart beneath thy breasts
than the mind beneath thy eyes!”
So when he turned to glance at the sunset,
I pushed him hard towards the window.
Then see below,
how my Prince Charming looks at me—

Christian Jane Centina is a Creative Writing student of UP Mindanao.

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