Kalapaw / Farm House

Poetry by | December 2, 2007

Yanda ngatan ya,
Dagidi ub-bing nga nabati

Sadinno ngata nga lubungen,
Ti naipalpal – ladawan dan
Wenno tinay tayaban dan?

Gapu ngamin apo, ti di
Mailadawan nga rig-rigat,
Rugit ken buyok
Ditoy rabaw ken
Uneg ti daga

Nakapimpiman ketdin ading ko,
Ti impatawid di maysa
Nga nadadael nga agsapa,
Sipnget nga ag malmalem,
Leddaang ken lid-liday ti agpatnag

Agsublitan kabsat
Idiay nanumo nga kalapaw ta

Nabanglo dagiti sabsabong,
Napaniir ti puyopoy ti amianan
Nasamit ti bunga ti kaykayo
Nalapsat dagiti natnateng

Agkibin ta nga agawid,
Sa tanto sagawisiwn
Ti kansion dagiti bil-liit,
Ken dengen tanto met ah,
Ti daniw dagiti kulibangbang
Ken kulintaba.

Where have they gone –
The children
Who were left behind down here?

Into what strange world
Have they been thrown into
Or been flown to wherever?

Shunning the wretchedness,
Garbage and stench permeating
This land, outside in, inside out.

What a desolation, my brother?
A patrimony from a botched sunrise
Birth of a daylong twilight
An evening of sorrow and anguish.

Let’s go back, my friend
Into the peace of the little shack

Where flowers still smell good,
The north breeze, cool as ever,
Fruits forever ripening,
Abundance everywhere.

Now we walk home
Hand in hand
Whistling the songs of birds
After which
Let’s listen and savour
The poems and verses
Of the butterflies
And the fireflies.)

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