The Legend of the Sacred Butterfly

Fiction by | September 9, 2007

Hi there! My name is Zac. I’m a little boy who really liked exploring, but I didn’t understand why father won’t let me do it. “Please Dad, may I go exploring?” I asked when I was four years old. “No!” said Dad, loudly, “Not until your tenth birthday comes.”

Finally, after six years my tenth birthday came.

“Yippee! I can now go wandering into the jungle,” I said excitedly.

“And just who was it who said that you can go wandering into that jungle?”

“You Dad, you told me when I was four years old,” I said nervously.

“What? I didn’t say such a thing,” lied Dad.

I ran into my room, crying. Dad followed me. “Zac, I didn’t allow you to go exploring because I cared for you. It’s not that I don’t want you to be happy,” my dad said softly. “Really?” I said, wiping my tears away.

“Yes, I suppose this is the time I’ll tell and show you a secret I have never told anyone,” Dad pulled his sleeves. “Oh my god!” I shouted when I saw his awful scratches, deep wounds, and pinkish skin. “What happened, Dad?!?” I asked, very worried.

“Well, this was the work of by Tangeler, a giant spider who lives in a very deep cave. Some travelers went into that forest and some of them never came back, including your mom,” Dad said, warning me. After what Dad told me, I forgot about wandering into the forest.

Two years later, Dad got terribly sick. When the doctor had left, I checked my father’s sleeve while he slept. “Oh my god!” I cried out as I saw his skin slowly turned pinkier. I tried to call out for help, but before I could open the door someone had already knocked. When I opened it, a very strange old lady stood there.

“Do you want to help your father, Zac?” she asked with her spooky voice.

“Yes, but how did you know my name?” I said, puzzled.

“It is not important, but I know how to cure your father,” she said.

“How? How?” I asked excitedly.

“You must go into the jungle of the mystical creatures and seek for the potion of the legendary Sacred Butterfly.” I was not sure if I should believe her, but when I remembered my father’s wounds, I packed my things early in the morning.

So I set off to the woods.

While traveling I saw a very rare flower that I thought was the flower for the Sacred Butterfly. It was so pretty I wanted to pick it up. As I was about to do so, I suddenly fell into a hole and lost my bag of food.
The hole led to a beautiful sanctuary. I saw a flower filled with nectar. I tried to sip a little of it, but someone shouted behind me, “HEY! Stop what you’re doing!” I turned back and I saw a very strange girl. Her skin was colored green and her hair a shiny blue.

“I’m so sorry. I was just hungry. Are you going to eat me?” I asked nervously.

“Silly! I’m not going to eat you. I’m just stopping you from eating that poisonous flower.”

“Gee, thanks,” I said. “No problemo,” she said. Later I found out that her name was Merryl.

Three days passed and we felt very hungry. “Ohhh my stomach is killing me,” Merryl said. “Me too,” I grumbled, until we fell asleep.

When we woke up I saw an insect on my head. “Aaargh!” I shouted as I ran a bit farther away “Merryl what kind of insect is it?” I asked.

“It’s not an insect, it’s a fairy,” Merryl and I tried to look closer and indeed we saw a cute little fairy.

“Hi there, I’m Prixie!” the fairy said, giggling. “Oh…um, hi” I said.

“Are you hungry?” she asked.

“Yes! We are so hungry,” Merryl said excitedly.

“Well then,” she mumbled some magic words and poof! There was food everywhere: meat, sweets and fruits. Munch, munch! We ate furiously.

Then, we had a little talk. “Hello! What’s with the gloomy face?” Merryl asked. “Well I remembered my father, I’m worried. You see, he has an illness and we can’t identify what kind it is,” I replied.

“Does he have pinkish skin?” Merryl asked again.

“As a matter of fact he has,” I replied.

“Oh my god! That’s one of Tangeler’s spell,” Merryl said, concerned. “If you cannot give the potion of the sacred butterfly after four days, he may die.” “WHAT?!” I screeched and so we ran and ran to search for the potion.

When night came, we saw a cave. I went inside. “Be careful Zac, this is Tangeler’s cave,” warned Merryl. While walking, I saw a creature with two eyes. “This must be Tangeler,” I said nervously and looked closer into it, but I realized that those were not only two but eight eyes! “YAAA! Merryl, Prixie help!”
Suddenly, the creature spat web. Luckily, the spider missed. When I reached the exit, Merryl and Prixie used their powers and turned the spider into a huge tulip. “Take that Tangeler!” I laughed.

“Tangeler? That’s not Tangeler, that’s just one of his armies,” said Prixie. “You mean Tangeler is much bigger than that thing?” I said, scared. “Yupidoodle!” Prixie replied.


“Tangeler’s coming,” Merryl said, “Are you ready, Prixie?” When Tangeler emerged from the cave, Merryl and Prixie tried to use their powers but these didn’t help.

“Ha! Ha! Ha! Your powers are useless. Now I’m going to eat you all!” threatened Tangeler.

Then, I stepped in front of Tangeler and shouted “YOU’RE NOT GONNA EAT THEEMM!!!!!!”

I realized that my shout was so loud that it broke the trees and Tangeler’s cave rumbled and crashed down. Tangeler was killed and the place was a total disaster.

“Oh my gosh! It can’t be true” Merryl said. “You possessed the power of a lion’s roar!” Prixie said, amazed.

Suddenly a huge typhoon came. When it stopped I saw a very big butterfly and I soon realized that it was the legendary Sacred Butterfly.

“Zac, the Sacred Lion said he will only give his power to a person who can protect his family as well as his friends, and that’s you Zac!” the Sacred Butterfly said. “And so, I will give you the potion to heal your father. Hurry up, Zac! You only got forty seconds left.”

I ran so fast that the trees swung each time I passed and my body started changing into a lion. When I reached home my body turned back into human form. I opened the door and looked at my father’s skin. It was all pink except for his chest. I touched his chest and I felt the power of the potion in me.

Suddenly, I realized that I was healing him until he became normal again. I rushed outside to thank my friends, but they suddenly vanished.

After that I didn’t see my friends again until after five years. Then I saw the humungous Sacred Butterfly with Merryl and Prixie riding on its back.

“Did you miss us, Zac?” my friends smiled.

“Yes I missed you all so much!” I said, and we hugged each other. “Are we going to see each other again?” I asked.

“Someday, Zac, someday.”

Before they left, they gave me a seed. “Here, plant this thing,” Merryl said and then we waved goodbye.

I planted the seed, and in a twinkling of an eye we saw hundreds of flowers and butterflies in our backyard. I knew that these were gifts from my friends.

But wait—this is not yet the end! I wondered who that strange old lady was. Well, no one knew for sure, but I believed that she was not an ordinary human.

After two weeks I saw the old woman smiling and waving goodbye and I realized that her body was turning into a beautiful woman. Her face was familiar and I soon realized that she was my long lost dead mother. So I never told anyone about my adventure except my Dad. This is my experience I will never forget.

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