Of Wanderings and Inappropriate Grins

Poetry by | June 20, 2010

Today, I let him lead
So he held my hand and we wandered
Boundless, we crossed the yellow lines on the street
To where the faces are unfamiliar
Waltzing corners with the delightful uncertainty
Curving concrete moved us closer
With a grin on his face he asked me,
“Would you mind if we walked a little bit slower?”
So he took my time, took it away from me
And throw it in the nearest gutter
After countless alleys, gas stations, and trees
We found a café where we could sit closer
As usual he lights up a cigarette before he’d speak
Nicotine makes him more honest, older
He inched his hand to cup my face, kissed my cheek
Not fever, nor fighting, back then there was no need
To walk this far, to where the faces are unfamiliar
Back when we used to read, ride buses, and sleep
Back when we would do anything and everything together
With a grin on his face he asked me,
“Why did you leave me when you said you loved me more?”
Indeed the unsaid brings inappropriate grins
For I grinned back as I quoted our favorite author
“When the strong is too weak to leave, the weak had to be stronger.”

Kela recently graduated from Ateneo de Davao with a BS in Nursing.

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